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Courses Offered

                       Soft Skill Dev                     

        What if you got a chance to do over it again?                

Self Image

                   Boost your mental,  emotional and                    professional well being

Personal Branding 

                              People Believe People


Leadership & Personal Dev

              To take you to next level in Workplace

  Communication Skills 

                          Better Get rid of Barriers                         


Group Discussion

Improve Thinking, Listening and Speaking Skills


Interview Skills

                Put across the right information and image

Customer Experience

   Boost your Mental, Emotional and Professiona  well being

  Emotional Intelligence in Marketing  

X-factor that saperates the Marketer of Yesterday with theMarketer of Today              

Conflict Management 

To accomplish Goals & Strengthening  Relationships             

     Trust Building     

Mitigate Conflicts, encourage Comm & increase                                                  Collaboration


Digital Marketing Fundaments

                 Track response to marketing efforts          

What Our Students Have to Say

Each Training is focused and result oriented
Rohit Sharma
Personal Imaging a Valuable program for career growth
Zasha Swan
Very good style of English Learning
Ronit Dev
Very passionate and valuable Mentors
John D''Suza