Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and How to Build Perfect CUSTOMER AVATAR ?

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I am back with another post to share my experience in the journey of becoming Digital Marketer

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The journey of mapping each and every aspect of Digital Marketing is incomplete if the Customer Persona is not known. Knowing customer persona is knowing Customer Avatar.

This post covers some of the very basic issues of Digital Marketing on which we usually do not pay attention at. These concepts are supposed to be the foundation stones for building Customer Avatar. Lets understand them, how each of them contribute to creating a perfect Customer Avatar :


7 Aspects of creating Perfect Customer Avatar

 # 1.   Follow L-D-T model





The mantra of progression is Learn-Do-Teach . Each skill that you posses need be evaluated on L-D-T scale. To become an expert , start Teaching and building Trust. Teaching becomes  effective and solidifies after the learning is put in practice. It gives confidence in your abilities. Teaching after practicing the learning enhances perception and the Image. Deep diving always yield better output .


Digital Marketing is a domain built around LDP platform. Just learning on paper without practicing won’t yield results because the resultant here is a function of doing something practically rather then learning on paper.


# 2. Mistakes and the Bliss are synonyms

 Mistake is a natural tendency. A mistake made today is a great benefit for tomorrow as it lets you evaluate yourself for perfect tomorrow. Learning are the result of mistakes we make. Therefore deep learning can only push you towards perfection I.e the value of mistake is realized only later

Since Digital marketing revolves around content. Therefore more you right more you become near to perfection.


# 3. What is Marketing and How to be a Better Marketer ?

“ Life experience not degrees make a marketer”


The concept of selling is built around digging a new well each time you need water. A sales take place as a result of Authentic Relationship Building and Communication on 1:1 basis. Relationship can not fructify unless there is a Trust factor between two parties. However, Best Product  Mix or Best Fit you may have for the customer, without establishing Trust on one on one basis, the deal won’t fructify.


To Build Trust you have to start with Authentic Communication.


Marketing is all about developing such relationships and the Trust building with masses I.e  on 1: Many basis or with larger community. However, to an outside world it may appears as if it is 1:1 relationship. Trust is most important factor in determining your loyal customers for life long


# 4.  Who is a Successful Marketer ?

 “ An Authentic wins the race”





A Real and Authentic person with more life experiences becomes a successful Marketer.

There is Growing tendency of a community to avoid fake people who wear mask and behave artificially. People are also tired of fake people with Social Personas.


Artificial persona leads to Distrust due to lack of authenticity.


The first step in Personal Branding is your authentic personality that reflects reality. Because, an authentic person attracts another authentic person.


To enhance your life experiences, Start discovering, start making new friends, Learn new things , start travelling, start working on new outlook to enhance your confidence and be a successful Digital Marketer.


# 5.  How to Identify your Target Customers


“If everyone is your Audience then no one ss your Audience”






Knowing your Target Audience is the key to becoming a successful Marketer.

To understand who is the Target Audience, we need to :


– Define Demographic and


– Define Psychographics.


Using Demographic and Psychographics parameters , I have undertaken a survey, had conversation with the Customers telephonically so that we can understand their behavior and understand who is my Target Audience


#6.  How to know that you are learning




Learning is a long journey where the challenges and opportunities are part of it. But you need to accept challenges. Though, Challenges always pose awkwardness but once overcome positively, it becomes a source of great learning. One should always accept new challenges and and find new ways of learning. Be it content writing, marketing or posing yourself as a Personal Brand. Your thought process and beliefs change by overcoming challenges. You tend to stand out differently. That is the foundation of a Personal Brand.


# 7.  How to do a survey to Build Customer Avatar



A survey form based on my niche “Training” was designed in Google Form.


Google Form Link for my customer Avatar



While designing the survey , kept in view following points :


  1. Communicated with the candidates in a personalized manner.
  1. Addressed people with first name
  1. Got into a mental conversation mode
  1. Used Emails as method of communication

Some of the screen shots of the consolidated survey report attached as below :

















My Customer Avatar


This survey is about understanding the need and importance of Training in career development that people would be interested. I got 26 responses and based on responses I created 2 Customer Avatars.


Customer Avatar 1 : PK


Gender : Male


Age  : 26-36 years


Qualification : Post Graduation


Profession : Technical


Occupation : Management Executive


Experience : 1-3 years


Income : 4-6 Lacs


Form of content used : Audio Visual


What do `you read : Newspaper


Future Perspective : Knowledge Growth


Challenges for Growth / Fear : Communication skill


What is your goal :Good Human


Is Training an essential part : 110%


Action : I would like to target Pankaj Kumar as Customer Avatar. I would like to prepare content on improving his professional communication skills as well as emphasis on English speaking. Possibly some of the interesting videos would form the offering apart from online interaction.



Customer Avatar 2 : GS


Age  : 36-45 years


Qualification : Post Graduation


Profession : Technical


Occupation : Management Executive


Experience : 11-15 years


Income : 11-15 Lacs


Form of content used : Audio Visual


How do you consume above data : Personal Development


Future Perspective : Knowledge Growth


Challenges for Growth / Fear : Lack of Information


What is your goal :Move out of rat race , travel


Is Training an essential part :Yes


Action : I would like to target Girish Sharma as my second Customer Avatar. Gourav being a working executive feels his awareness as an operational executive is not up to the mark. He also feels his inadequate personal development is holding him to go for better job / profession. I would like to write some content where his personal issues such as knowledge, personality and leadership are addressed.