Hacks of Who You Want To Be

The principles outlined in this book “Hacks of Who You Want To Be”  are directed towards  meeting the the challanges of employment  faced by freshers  in acquiring a job , be it in  Sales , HR , Admin or any profile. This book would help you become what you want to be by just following certain basic principles . Although these principles are equally important and useful from the Growth Perspective for Mid Management and  Higher Management as well.

Friends , the principles described in the book have come out with my own experience . Having worked for almost 27 years in Corporate with companies like Blue Star,  HCL , Rolta India , Black & Decker  &  Zenith Computers etc, I have been personally involved in Campus Recruitment , one to one interview , Group Discussion to evaluate candidates best suited for variety of skills / departments .  I have Interviewed over 1000 candidates,  have been a key note speaker in over 20 Institutions / corporate and currently a mentor to 15 candidates and an External Faculty to a no. of Institutes. 

 According to me,  if you possess any skill , be it ,  Engineering , Architect , Software Coding or  MBA ,  It will just be  good enough for fulfilling the Eligibility Criterion for the Employment.  Skills can successfully make you reach to the employer for appearing in the interviews, but won’t at all help you in qualifying the interview. That is why in an Interview, the failure rate is very high.  This is because,  you don’t actually see  from interviewers perspective,  since,  there are hundreds of candidates like you, who have already furnished their CVs  for the same position and they all qualify on paper. So, from the interviewers eyes, whome to select and Why?

Have you ever thought in such a situation, why  and how you should be considered. If not, then the only answer for you  is to be different, different from others.  So, the next question is , How to create your differentiated image which your interviewer appreciates and what is it that interviewer looks at, what value you provide to the interviewer while he is selecting  1 out of 50 or 1 out of 100 candidates.

Remember once again, your skills are definitely not going to break the eyes because any skills whatsoever you may possess, they are easily available in the market, as there is no scarcity . However, to fulfill your dreams and qualify for the interview, you have to look at  what is appropriate in today’s scenario  even much beyond Artificial Intelligence ( AI).  Please understand , AI is soon going to make eat up and make you redundant, be it a production, a software coding, decision making. We need to find ways and means to survive in this technology oriented and competitive environment and find solutions to the challenge.

Hacks of who you want to be” is to make people aware of the practical skills that you must acquire, so that you can successfully define yourself and create your identity before they get into a setback mode. Today s executives must learn how to establish differentiated ways to excel. My book give you the tools you need to set about this important task.