Working in Corporate today is no longer same as it was 5 years back. Considering an era of  latest state of technology, the machine language , Artificial Intelligence and the management tools available, a different set of skills need be part of your abilities and capabilities These skills are not part of any course curriculam, not part of your CV but are as important as your hard skills known as POWER SKILLS.  These are unavoidable  very essential component of success and are necessary for climbing the CAREER LADDER.  
  • Hard skills are the foundation of a successful career and Power skills are the cement.
  • Power  skills complement hard skills also known as technical skills, for productive workplace performance and everyday life competencies. Hard skills are generally quantifiable and measurable from education “Power skills” are “desirable qualities for employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge
  • Power Skills  are important job-related skills that involve little or no interaction with machines and whose application on the job is quite generalized.
  • Power skills are the mix of skills that enable us to work well with other people .
  • Power skills are attributes that are often developed through experiences rather than education, can elevate a competently skilled employee to a rock-star staffer.
  • Power Skills are personal traits or attributes that can enhance interpersonal communication and be used in a multitude of ways, ranging from defusing conflict to motivating others. Given the evolving nature of work, these capabilities are increasingly important to employers.
  • Power skills are often undervalued and most of us believe that we do not need soft skills to achieve our goals. Many times I have heard students or job seekers say: I have a degree, why should I bother about soft skills?
  • Power skills enable people to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals with complementing hard skills. 
  • Power  skills are a cluster of productive personality traits that characterize one’s relationships in a milieu.